Personal Information Collection Statement for staff Recruitment


  1. Information provided by the applicants will be held in strict confidence and will be used for recruitment and other employment-related purposes. The personal data may be transferred and disclosed to, and used by the University departments/offices or third parties for the above purposes and directly related purposes.
  2. It is obligatory for the applicants to provide the required information.  Failure to do so may lead to unsuccessful application.
  3. Appropriate steps will be taken to protect the personal data received against unauthorized or accidental access, use or loss.
  4. Information submitted by unsuccessful candidates will be disposed, normally one year after completion of the recruitment exercise.
  5. For access or correction to personal data after submission of the application, please contact and quote the application ID.
  1. 應徵者所提供的資料會絕對保密,並只會用於招聘或與僱傭相關的目的,其個人資料可能會被轉移或披露予大學其他部門或第三方使用,以達至上述或與其直接相關的目的。
  2. 應徵者必須提供所要求的資料,否則申請可能無效。
  3. 我們會採取適當措施以保護所獲取的個人資料,免其受未經授權或意外查閱、使用或遺失。
  4. 未獲受聘的應徵者,其提供的資料一般會於招聘結束一年後銷毀。
  5. 應徵者提交申請後,如要查閱或更正個人資料,可透過電郵並提供申請編號與我們聯絡,電郵地址: